Rawlings Youth-Type Catcher's Helmet Enhancer

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The Rawlings Youth-Type Catcher's Helmet Enhancer is a high-density polymer head covering designed to be worn underneath a catcher's (hockey-style) helmet. It is designed to protect the head of the catcher or umpire during practice or competitive games.

This Catcher’s Helmet Enhancer is a forehead piece that easily attaches to the inside of the catcher’s helmet for a comfortable fit. 


When worn under a catcher's helmet, the Enhancer is designed to reduce the force of an impact on the head. According to studies conducted using a CADEX Linear Impact Testing Machine at two major universities, this Enhancer can reduce the energy of a kinetic impact by up to 70 percent. It works by absorbing and redistributing the kinetic energy of an impact that could otherwise lead to a potential brain injury.

For best use, position the Enhancer inside the upper cushioned headpiece of your helmet and place the VELCRO® strap (soft side up) over and through the Enhancer.


The Rawlings Youth-Type Catcher's Helmet Enhancer is made of a proprietary high-density thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) with Aircell polymers. It reforms after every impact, providing continual protection. The material is tough, lightweight, and durable. 

Weight: 2 oz

Colors Available: Royal blue