Baseball player wearing Head Net protective headgear under baseball helmet


Buy The Head Net™

The Head Net™ is designed to be worn under the cap or batter’s helmet, while the mask enhancer can be worn under both standard and hockey-style catcher’s and umpire helmets. These products add an extra layer of protection that goes far beyond what a plastic helmet can achieve.

Studies performed by USC and Wayne State University have demonstrated that the Head Net™ and helmet enhancer can reduce impact energy between 50 and 70 percent, thus reducing the risk for a long-term head injury. With four Head Net™ sizes to choose from (ranging from children to adult sizes), there is protective gear available for all ages at every level of sport. The Head Net™’s revolutionary 360-degree design is made up of a polymer material injected with air cells that help absorb and dissipate the impact energy around the head, keeping you or your child better protected.

*Note, when wearing the Head Net™ under a baseball cap, you will need to increase your cap size for the headgear to fit.